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Xpert Robotics has chosen to use UniGripper in our Robotic solutions due to Unigripper experience and knowledge.

UniGripper offers a wide range of standard vacuum grippers, which can be used in a vast variety of applications. Their standard product range consists of the Standard Module System (SMS), The UniGripper Basic series, and the UniGripper Co/Light - Collaborative and Lightweight grippers.

The modular component principle of the standard gripper product range gives a huge flexibility in combining tools, vacuum sources and accessories to your specific needs. It is for sure your true smorgasbord of success in vacuum handling.

These grippers are based on off-the-shelf components, which means short delivery times at an attractive price level.

Unigripper Co/Light gripper for fanuc robot
Unigripper Standard module gripper for fanuc robot
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